Building Our New Home

Follow us on our journey building our new home for My FloorProject and The CarpetWhippingProject.

We’ve been taking advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown to prepare our new Design Studio.

In the heart of the Cheshire countryside, watch as we transform an empty joinery workshop into a bespoke showroom. Space to show just some of our favourite floor designs and products.

We are also building a dedicated workshop area for The CarpetWhippingProject. Giving space to design and create rugs, stair runners, removable caravan and motorhome mats and much more.

Adding Flair to the Stair!

My Floorproject welcome to our flooring design studio these amazing stair runners by @offtheloom_stair_runnersWe are sure you will agree these will great on your floor project or in your home.#stairrunner #flatweave #lvt #bespokeflooring #cheshire

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